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Tadesse Desta Business Group has been growing progressively since its establishment as import and export business entity in 2003 G.C with an initial capital of birr 12 million.  It is one of the leading Ethiopian companies in exporting Arabica Green Coffee Beans both Sundried and Washed to Europe, Middle East, Far East, Australia and North America. We have built reliable experience and gain reputation from our customers for high quality, competitive price and timely delivery. The company uses its own freight transport service as export logistics to enhance timely shipment.

It has coffee pulping plant in Western Guji Zone to source high quality coffee and ensure traceability,  also upgrading its coffee storage in to modern coffee cleaning plant to ensure quality and timely delivery.

We have also well-established Clientele in the domestic market for our varied import items, which includes Heavy Trucks, Construction Machineries, and Steel Bars among others.

We do have healthy cash flow and strong financial performance with about USD32 million export and import sales annually recently.

Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee.

Coffee from its Birthplace

TDBG sources coffee from  from Ethiopia – Sidamo, Guji, Yirgacheffe, Limmu, Bale, Harar, Djimma, Nekemte, Kaffa.


To be the best customers choice in supplying agricultural , industrial products,transport service and real estates.


to provide best quality and innovative agricultural products,industrial products,services and real estates to local and international customers,enhancing profitability and growth of TDBG,provide development opportunity to employees,bring a positive impact on society and play a leading role in the industrialization of the country.


  • Customer Orientation
  • investing in people
  • integrity
  • driving in market
  • transparency
  • team work and empowerment
  • learning Organzation
  • corporate social responsiblity

Quality Motto

We are committed to supplies quality coffee from its birth place

Strict quality control protocols are applied to every phase of the coffee production process, processing and transportation.

TDBG will always ship the coffee you sampled; we will never blend or substitute. We pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model, selling practices and on-time delivery. We understand that our customers have their own schedules and commitments to meet, and we’ll give you regular progress reports along the way.


Our Business Philosophy

  • Our prime responsibility is to our customer, without whom we cannot exist. We strive to organize and serve our customer better than our competitor, with professional competence, honesty and integrity.
  • We intend to build a profitable business with sustainable growth and continuous improvement by creating and delivering better quality product to our customer.
  • We strive to build and upgrade continuously a profound knowledge and skill base in order to provide quality product to our clients.
  • We work to create and maintain strategic partnership with reliable domestic and international suppliers and buyers
  • We act responsibility towards the welfare of our community, our country and the environment, only because we know our sustainable existence and growth depends on them. 

Organizational Capability and Competitive Advantage

  • One of the values of Tadesse Desta Business Group is professionalism. In line with this the company has highly qualified employee. The composition of the qualification of the employees consists of Master’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Diploma and Certificate.
  • Our exporting capacity in bulk and with consistence is high as the company performs exporting 12000 MT of different type of Coffee and 7000MT of Sesame Seeds as well as 6500MT Species within short period.
  • The organization has an organizational structure that facilitates the coordination of its activities. The organizational structure is up dated as conditions necessitate. Along with the organization structure job description have prepared for all post in the company.
  • The business is running with uncompromising honesty and professional excellence effectively to the fulfillment customer satisfaction.