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  • Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee, with evidence of coffee cultivation in the country dating back to the 9th century. The coffee plant is believed to have originated in the forests of Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopian coffee is renowned for its complex and nuanced flavors, with notes of berry, citrus, and floral undertones. The unique flavors are attributed to the diverse growing regions and microclimates within Ethiopia.
  • Major coffee-producing regions in Ethiopia include Sidamo, Yirgacheffe, Guji, and Harrar. Each region has its own distinct flavor profile.
  • Ethiopian coffee is typically processed using the natural (dry) method, where the coffee cherries are dried in the sun before being hulled. This produces a sweeter, more fruit-forward flavor profile.
  • Some of the most highly prized and expensive Ethiopian coffee varieties include Yirgacheffe and Geisha. These specialty coffees are in high demand globally.
  • Coffee is deeply ingrained in Ethiopian culture, with elaborate coffee ceremonies and social rituals surrounding its consumption.